I’ve had quite a few questions on mobile homes recently that I figured it would be beneficial to dedicate a broker moment to the subject.


What paperwork is required on a mobile home?

The paperwork on a mobile home requires ALL the documentation from any other residential transaction except a “Commitment for Title Insurance.” 


Does a Buyer need to get permission from the mobile home park, in order to purchase the home?

Yes, a Buyer almost always needs to be approved by the mobile home park. Oftentimes the management will only work 1-2 days a week. It’s important when you are representing the Buyer to make sure your Due Diligence deadline is sufficient to get this step completed.


What type of financing options are available?

The financing of a mobile home is much different. Most transactions will be cash transactions but some of the newer mobile homes may be available for financing. The main thing to remember is that financing for a mobile home is similar to the financing for a vehicle. There comes a point when financing on an older vehicle becomes non-existent and it’s the same with a mobile home, I believe currently it’s if the home is older than 20 years.


How does Settlement & Closing take place?

Generally, title companies don’t participate in Settlement and it becomes a coordination between the two agents. This is my preferred method:


  1. The Listing Agent has the Seller fill out the “Assignment of Title by Registered Owner section of the “Utah Certificate of Title.” (This is the same document that shows when a vehicle is owned free and clear).

  1. The Listing Agent gets the permission from the Seller to have the commission check due to the brokerage cut by the bank with the difference sent as a wire to the Seller.

  2. The Listing Agent meets the Buyer at the Buyer’s bank. It’s good to have the Seller there if they want to come but is not necessary.

  3. The Seller will provide the routing number and bank account number on where they want the funds to be transferred. This document MUST be signed by the Seller if they don’t accompany you to the bank. If the Seller does not want their funds wired then they must accompany you at the bank.

  4. The Buyer wires the funds to the Seller and gets a certified check made out to the listing brokerage. These two amounts should total the Purchase Price of the contract.

  5. Upon proof that the wire was sent to the appropriate location, the Listing Agent gives the Utah Certificate of Title previously signed by the Seller to the Buyer. You can also give the Bill of Sale PDF signed by the Seller to the Buyer with the title document.

  6. The Buyer signs the Utah Certificate of Title and takes it to the DMV.


What other things should one pay attention to?

Make sure that any Earnest Money deposits are documented appropriately. For instance, if the Buyer’s Broker was holding a $1000 of earnest money and the total commission to be shared between the two brokerages is $8000, then you would only need a certified check of $7000.


I’m sure there are some questions or scenarios that I should’ve included. Ultimately, if you have any questions when working on a mobile home or any other transaction please don’t hesitate to call me, 801-809-7983.