Spring is typically when buyers visit open houses and sellers open their doors for showings. Now, thanks to the KW App, this is all happening while in the palm of our hands while we remain safely socially distanced. From its outset, the KW App was invented to digitize the home-buying and selling experience while keeping agents as fiduciaries at the heart of the transaction. With the recent addition of Virtual Tour Requests, it’s never been easier for clients to partake in real estate transactions from anywhere with phone service.

Search Where You Sleep

If there’s one thing people love, it’s getting comfy under their covers and tinkering around with their phone. These leisurely moments of scrolling and swiping are the perfect time for a little house hunting. With the KW App’s robust search functionality, clients can begin looking for their dream home via ZIP code, school zone, or the exclusive Neighborhoods feature, which uses proprietary data from the Keller Cloud to provide clients with market stats and local insights from any neighborhood that grabs their interest. From there, clients can narrow their options even further by specifying their price range, how many beds and baths they’re looking for, and numerous other preferences that will put their best matches at the top of their results. And, in the latest update of the KW App, various improvements have been made to the search functionality to make sorting, saving and pinning seamless.

Vet Featured Listings From the Foyer

Now, clients are able to take in the sights and sounds outside of their front windows, while looking at the Featured Listings added to their Collections by their agent. Featured Listings allows agents to provide the best-possible options for their clients based on everything from size, location, and amenity preferences to affordability. Featured Listings also appear on the client’s search map as red price bubbles, making it easier for clients to distinguish their agent’s recommendations from all of the other properties in the area. This saves time for clients and agents by allowing them to focus on the right homes instead of every home in the city.

Curate in the Kitchen

In the time it takes to toast a piece of bread or microwave some instant oatmeal, clients can use the KW App to sort all the homes they heart into custom collections. What’s more, clients can share their collections with co-buyers and/or their agents and leave notes when saving listings to their collections. When collaborating through the Collections feature, agents can comment on their clients’ favorite properties or add new ones to the mix, turning what was once an individual activity into a shared experience.

Request a Video Tour From the Table

Once a home piques a client’s interest, there’s no need for them to hop in the car and drive to the address. With the new Video Tour Request, clients simply scroll down to the bottom of the property page, tap the “Schedule Video Tour” button, and choose “Live Video” beneath the tour preferences. From there, they just set their time and date, select their favorite video platform, and state which parts of the house interest them the most in the comments section. Once received, the agent is able to coordinate logistics outside of the KW App on their platform of choice and treat the client to a virtual walkthrough, allowing them to remain safe and relaxed in their home while giving them a closer look at their (potentially) new one.

Check Boxes on the Couch

While the hunt is the most popular part of the process, there are a handful of administrative tasks that must take place before the purchase or sale of a home is complete. The Guide feature in the KW App streamlines the clerical by providing clients with an easy-to-follow overview of the entire transaction, from start to finish. Both the buyer guide and seller guide are customized by the agent, allowing them to arrange each step as they see fit. Once the client completes a step, the progress is reflected in the app so both parties can easily keep track of how many items are left on the to-do list. Clients love it for the increased clarity, and agents love it for the reduced 2 a.m. questions. And, when a client has a question that falls outside of their guide, they can hit “Ask Your Agent” to receive a response within the app.

Coming Soon

Affordability Calculator

As clients enjoy their caffeine, they will be able to find out which of their selections fall within their price range by answering a few simple financial questions. Once clients supply their annual household income, monthly debt, down payment percentage, credit score, loan type, annual home insurance, annual income tax, and several other helpful figures, they (and their agents) will have a better understanding of which properties make the most sense for their budget.

Start to Close, From Near or Far

A changing world requires innovative solutions, and when it comes to buying or selling homes, the KW App answers the call. It’s intuitive. It’s attractive. It’s collaborative. But most importantly, it keeps transactions moving when, where, and however clients and agents choose. It’s the versatility and convenience the industry has been waiting for, built on the technology of tomorrow. All for the love of real estate.