Though it may be one of the most important parts of your job as an agent, lead generation does not have to be boring. California-based agent and Mega Camp 2020 panelist Will Higgins knows this firsthand. A solo agent, Higgins has crafted a virtual lead generation strategy that centers on blending being physically present and digitally enhanced. Below, he shares his top strategies for capturing leads, and, equally important – how he touches these leads once they are in the pipeline.

Originally from New Orleans, Higgins started his business from the ground up when moving to the Los Angeles area. In the process, he found two main sources of lead generation (while keeping in line with the COVID precautions in place in California):

  1. The gym
  2. Targeted Facebook ads

Lead Gen at the Gym

“When I moved here, the only thing I was doing was going to the gym,” Higgins says. “I had been there for almost three years, so everyone knew me.” For every workout, Higgins would wear his branded Realtor shirt and commit to striking up a conversation with someone new. Within the conversation, he would mention his social media presence (@willhiggins__) and get fellow gym goers to interact. Once an online interaction occurred, Higgins ran targeted ads to encourage more interaction.

Win-Win With Facebook Ads

Potential leads can expect eye-grabbing ads once they interact with Higgins. “Before, I was running a lot of ads with different properties, but I’ve noticed that everyone started doing that and I’ve found it harder to capture leads,” he says. “So, I started to run ads featuring myself.”

Higgins invested in a professional photoshoot and kept things light with catchy slogans. Three ads that he has found immense success with are as follows:

  1. An image of him and a happy client under the headline: “This could be us, but you’re still renting.”
  2. A professional image of himself juxtaposed with the Los Angeles skyline under the headline: “Tired of renting.”
  3. For agent referrals, a professional image of himself with the headline: “Your check is in the mail,” and copy speaking to the benefits of being a part of his referral network.

“I’ve found my contact rate went through the roof, because people want to know that they’re working with a real person – and, they got that by seeing my name and my face in the ad,” he says.

The Success Is in the Follow-Up

Creatively capturing a lead is a very rewarding process, but your lead is only as strong as your follow-up strategy. “It’s all about knowing what to do with the lead once you get it. So, having a mapped out process and funnelling these folks through, because without a strategy, you can end up wasting a lot of time,” Higgins says.

Higgins’ strategy involves a thorough drip campaign with multiple touches, including texts, emails, and phone calls. He shares an example below.

Text 1: Immediately
Script: “Hi, ______, thanks so much for replying to my ad. Let’s set up some time to discuss your housing situation. Is there a convenient time today or tomorrow that we can have a short conversation? I’m typically available at 10 a.m., does that work for you? Or is after 5 p.m. better?

Email 1: After 3 Minutes
This email is thanking folks for their interest, then providing relevant localized steps for helping potential clients get a new home. Higgins covers topics such as financing, property visits, and negotiations.

Text 2: One Day Later, 10 AM
Script: “Hi, ______, thanks again for replying to my ad. I hope that you have had the opportunity to read the valuable emails that I’ve sent out. I’m available to give you a short call now, but if you are at work, I can try you at 5. If 5 p.m. doesn’t work today, please feel free to schedule a time with me via my online calendar if that is easier: *insert link to online calendar*”

Email 2: Next Day, 7 AM
This email contains information about the costs that go into buying a home, including loan down payments, earnest money deposits, appraisal fees, and inspections.

Phone Call: Next Day, 3 PM
Script: “Hi, this is _________ with Keller Williams. You responded to my ad on Facebook with regard to buying a home. I’d like to say thanks for doing that, and I am calling to give you the time you deserve to see what I can do to help you out.”

Email 3: Two Days After, 10 AM
Script: “Hi, _______. If you’ve thought about buying a home in the future, you may be more ready than you realize. With low mortgage rates, low home prices, and my negotiation efforts, your monthly payments on your mortgage can be lower than your current rent. I can help you calculate your costs to see if now is a good time for you to buy and help you establish your price range. Let me know if you have any questions.”

If you feel like you’re bothering your lead, Higgins says, “Remember that when the lead provided their info, they essentially raised their hand and said ‘Help Me.’”

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