Growing up, Heather Kirkpatrick; lead agent of the Kirkpatrick Group; was convinced she wouldn’t participate in the real estate industry – having a Realtor grandmother, mother, and brother, as well as a developer father and title-company owner brother was more than enough. One successful business with $60 million in production volume and 127 units sold for 2019 later, Kirkpatrick’s resistance to the real estate industry is long gone. And, after taking some time to build out an independent brand and find the right fit for her business’s future, she is bringing her top-producing, multi-generational team to Keller Williams.

For Kirkpatrick herself, the move is a homecoming. A former Keller Williams agent, she spent her time with the company strengthening the building blocks that would allow her to build a successful boutique firm. “The first time I was with Keller Williams, I was able to put a lot of practices into place that helped us bring our business to the next level,” she says. But, after three years as an indie business owner, she had an epiphany. “I quickly realized that I preferred working one-on-one with our team and managing our clients over management,” Kirkpatrick says.

In finding her way back to Keller Williams, Kirkpatrick made a pit stop at a different brokerage – but she realized her team was longing for the feeling of being part of something bigger and having access to extensive knowledge and training. “Our team has a wide age span – there is my mother, two ladies similar in age to her, myself, and another agent in my generation,” Kirkpatrick says. “On our team, everyone has a different language that fills them up and they can relate to. One thing that I find Keller Williams offers is all of these languages – whether you are a technology person, or simply want one-on-one training and face-to-face interaction.”

Catering to her team’s multigenerational needs and experience is a top priority for Kirkpatrick, as it plays directly into the team’s success. Working with her mother, who brings more than 40 years of experience in the industry, and getting transaction coordination help from her father has put the team in a position to accommodate myriad buyers, sellers, and markets. “It’s great because we cover the whole spectrum,” Kirkpatrick says. “We have a lot of old-school principles and policies (the team still does a hard copy newsletter every quarter as well as other printed materials) that have been found to be successful during many years in the industry. Myself and Kelly are able to bring a more tech-savvy background, and knowledge on current marketing and social media trends to the game.”

Ultimately, Kirkpatrick’s goal is to continue honing in on her team’s skills and individuality, and encourage them to enrich their lives in whichever way works best. “At Keller Williams, there is a lot of growth on the technology side, and a broad spectrum of ways in which agents can really plug in and be the best they can be on whichever avenue it is that they relate to the most,” she says. “Because KW speaks all the languages, every one of my agent’s cups is going to be full, and they will be able to grow as people and as agents.”

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