With a population of about 120,000 people, Cache Valley, Utah, boasts a consistent, resilient housing market that takes months to catch up with what’s happening on a national scale. It is here that wife-and-husband duo Isabel and Eric Jones, alongside a team of four agents and two admins, have found immense success, selling $19.3 million in volume and 81 units in 2019. Previously associated with a local boutique brokerage in the area, the pair joined Keller Williams in March of 2020 with an ambitious goal: to gain 50% market share within Cache Valley. 

“I feel like there are two very defining moments in our careers,” Isabel shares. “One is when we initially made the leap to commit to real estate. The second one was when we ultimately decided that we love the KW brand and were going to leave the top brokerage here in Cache Valley and branch out on our own.”

The pair wholeheartedly identifies with Keller Williams’ values: God, family, business. “That is the core of who we are, and it was really important for me to team up with a company that has the same core values as a whole,” says Isabel. 

Of real estate, they speak with such passion and confidence that one might think they’ve been doing it for decades. In reality, before getting her license in 2014 to sell an investment property Eric had bought, Isabel was on track to become a nurse. Shortly after, Eric gave up a cushiony government position in order to pursue the trade. 

The couple radiates an attitude of care across everything they touch: from their team, the people they serve, and Cache Valley as a whole. In bringing KW to the valley, they hope to be of service to agents, and expand their reach with a message of togetherness. “We’ve realized that everybody has a strength and a role within the team,” Eric says. “Together, we can do more.” 

Ultimately, shares Eric, their mission is to leave Cache Valley a better place than they found it. “If we want to have a greater reach, we need to align with the right people and have the right systems and tools on hand to do that,” he says. “By joining Keller Williams, we’re really excited to have a bigger reach in our community and create opportunities for our team to thrive.”