After a successful closing comes the big move! 

As your clients relocate, it’s important to stay safe from the novel coronavirus and stop the spread. Below are some helpful tips worth sharing to help your buyers/sellers protect themselves, their belongings, and their loved ones while changing residences during these unprecedented times.

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1. Add PPE to packing supplies.

If your clients have friends, family members, movers, or anyone from outside of their household helping them pack things, make sure everyone is wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Facemasks are a given, but gloves, face shields, and disposable booties are also helpful in terms of minimizing contamination. After all, it’s hard to maintain social distancing when you’re helping someone lift a heavy appliance or dresser.

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2. Disinfectant is everyone’s best friend.

From wiping sweat off your forehead to sweeping hair out of your eyes, it’s nearly impossible to avoid touching your face while moving. Your clients’ best defense from spreading any kind of germs or virus is to regularly disinfect their hands. Encourage them to place hand sanitizer pumps or wipes at popular access points like entrances, staircases, or the kitchen to make sure they’re never too far from freshly cleaned hands.

3. DIY as much as possible.

Under normal circumstances, the rule of moving is “the more, the merrier.” During a global pandemic, it’s the opposite. Every additional helper is another potential virus carrier. If your clients are physically able to make the move on their own, now might be a good time to do it. If not, they should try packing as much as they can to minimize the number of people coming in and out of their home, and for how long.

4. Don’t need it? Donate it.

Donating clothes, furniture, or nonperishable foods that are no longer needed will both lighten a load and benefit someone who has been negatively impacted by this pandemic. It’s a true win-win.

5. Host your housewarming party virtually.

One of the greatest joys of moving is showing off your new home to your friends and family, and thanks to modern technology, it can be done responsibly. Use your virtual home tour expertise to help your clients set up their own live tour via video chat or social media. Virtual tours are the safest and most convenient ways to put their new places on display while keeping COVID-19 at bay!