Since the early 2000s, Robby and Theresa Almogabar have been honing their individual sales skills. In those days, Theresa wanted to be home as much as possible as they were growing and raising their three children, so she worked with a small brokerage firm to help friends and family with their real estate needs. Meanwhile, Robby was doing well in new house sales with a local builder. In 2014, they pooled their talents and jumped into residential sales together at an up-and-coming dotcom.  

There they learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses and how to work well together. The hard work of figuring out that balance paid off as they began to build and grow a team in 2015. Within a couple years, theirs was the top producing organization at the brokerage, with their team closing 128 transactions for $26.8 million.

Although they were successful, they felt as if they had hit a ceiling, and started to feel like they’d outgrown what the brokerage could offer them. Without adequate support, they realized that they were losing money and momentum by staying. They set out to find a partner that could help them accomplish their goals, which they defined as a place where they and their team could:

  • Build their business
  • Easily tap into training and support
  • Create a legacy business
  • Have access to the best technology
  • Attract new agents

An informational meeting with the Team Leader at KW Woodlands & Magnolia was all it took to seal the deal. The entire Almogabar team enthusiastically made the move to Keller Williams in August 2019.

“Our goal is to get to $100M in production. Our niche is knowing finance and solving problems that prevent people from home ownership,” Robby said. The team quickly embraced Keller Williams’ in-house mortgage and the ZeroPlus loan and have already helped many clients buy with little-to-no money down and save thousands. They aggressively market their recurring free homebuying seminars where they showcase Keller Mortgage and other powerful programs and strategies. “We always find a way to get the job done!”

“We’re so grateful that Keller Williams is intent to help everyone succeed. Our team is family to us. Coming to Keller Williams has made our family that much bigger,” Theresa said.